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Taking A Moment To Commemorate V-E Day

Image Credit: The mural painted in Tamworth this week Credit: Bradley Scott Windows /

Catfoss would like to take a moment to commemorate V-E Day and say a huge thank you to all who served our country. On this day in 1945, Allied powers celebrated a victory that brought a close to Europe’s deadliest conflict.

Today Captain Tom Moore (now a deserving Honorary Colonel) at 100 years old continues to demonstrate that steel, determination and courage of those amazing men & women that won the day then; providing inspiration to us all to persevere and win the day now as we tackle the unseen enemy in Covid19.

To the simply awesome, irrepressible Colonel Tom and all the veterans who fought for us then with incredible bravery & sacrifice that still continue to inspire us, we are forever in debt to your courage and the example you set; Although it will never be enough, our heartfelt Thanks is yours for all that you did and continue to do for the United Kingdom.

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